Which Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms You Can Expect

side effects of lexaproWhich Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms You Can Expect

Depression and generalized anxiety disorders can be debilitating conditions, and that is why the medical establishment offers powerful drugs that are designed to help people to deal with their symptoms. However, most patients are best served if they can eventually make their way off of the medication and get back to living their life without having to feel tied to a regular dose of pills in order to feel all right. For someone who is trying to get off of Lexapro, there are certain withdrawal symptoms that are commonly expected.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Because its primary effect in the body is to improve and stabilize mood, many lexapro withdrawal symptoms are centered around these same issues. People who are coming off of the drug may experience irritability, anxiety, and rebound depression. Serotonin, the neurotransmitter that the medication appears to affect most intensly, is also key to the control and behavior of the human gut. This can mean that people who stop taking it will also experience gastrointestinal disturbances. This can include cramping, changes in appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

How to deal with Withdrawal Symptoms

lexapro withdrawalDue to the potential lexapro withdrawal symptoms, it is important for anyone who wants to stop using the medication to work with their doctor to do it as safely as possible. In most cases, if a person steps down their dose slowly over time, their body has the opportunity to adjust to the difference in the amount of neurotransmitters that will be available in their system. This slower adjustment and chance to adapt will usually eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal entirely, though some people may still experience them in a much milder form than they otherwise would.

It is important for anyone who is trying to get off of Lexapro to understand that if they experience any symptoms of withdrawal from the drug, these are temporary. It is best not to draw any conclusions about a patient’s current levels of depression or anxiety until after they have managed to completely stop taking the drug and then given their body a chance to adapt to its absence. Otherwise, people sometimes make the mistake of assuming that the withdrawal symptoms themselves are a proof that they ought to be continuing to take the medication.

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