What is Lexapro Used For?

generalized anxiety disorderWhat is Lexapro Used For?


Lexapro is prescribed for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders. Therefore, I wanted to provide some information explaining what this condition encompasses.


Facts about Generalized Anxiety Disorders


Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is really an incapacitating anxiety disorder which often proves challenging to treat and is also a somewhat frequent and recurring mental condition. Improvements in conceptualization, medical diagnosis, and also treatment are now allowing an empirically backed method of medical diagnosis and treatment.  GAD is a condition under which a person shows chronic and exaggerated worries and tension over a period of 6 months or longer; this worry is unfounded or a lot more intense compared to the anxiety that normal folks encounter.


Generalized anxiety disorder is a lot more than the regular anxiousness that people encounter day by day; it is made up of persistent worrying and ruminating with regards to incidents or pursuits. An individual having this problem is often much stressed, apprehensive, and in a state of autonomic nervous system arousal.  Generalized anxiety disorder develops when you feel concerned and anxious about normal daily events and activities.  It is a kind of nervous sickness which can severely damage the capability to perform both at home and at work.


GAD interferes with the lives of around ten million US citizens and is also frequently a forerunner to a depressive disorder. GAD may last several years and often for a whole life time. It is not just merely the worry about particular concerns which will go away within days or perhaps weeks, but this problem sucks in a major way and has wrecked many things in people’s lives.


GAD may also come with conditions related to stress, irritable bowel syndrome as well as headaches. Additionally it has also been connected with medical problems including heart related illnesses as well as gastrointestinal and chronic pain conditions. GAD patients are at high risk to respond to situational or location stress for example in large jam-packed shops, work places and busy public transportation.


What are Anxiety Disorders?


Anxiety disorders are thought to have biological, ancestry and environmental components that contribute to what’s causing it.  Anxiety disorders are the most common of all psychological disorders, with generalized anxiety disorders being the most frequent problem.  Anxiety disorders are generally occurring at the same time along with other mental conditions, particularly depressive disorders and may have a serious influence on the course and seriousness of depression.

anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly encountered emotional and mental disorders in the western world.  Anxiety disorders can occur in families from generation to generation and can be the consequence of one’s chemistry of the brain. Anxiety Disorders impact around 40 million adults in America over the age of 18 in a given year; they affect one out of eight kids.


What are the Symptoms of GAD?


Symptoms consist of excessive, unrealistic, as well as uncontrollable troubling regarding a lot of things including: the state of the entire world, the overall economy, violence in contemporary society, your employment, the invoices, house chores, family members.  The signs and symptoms of GAD typically develop gradually and differ from one individual to another. You need not possess all the above indications in order to have GAD. For this reason GAD can be tough to identify.


Indications in kids might be wrongly diagnosed for behavioral problems such as taking too much time to complete homework due to perfectionism, declining to carry out a chore due to fear of germs.  Signs and symptoms of depressive disorders and anxiety occur in parallel in some disorders.


Indications can happen according to the particular situation. For example, individuals may not exhibit some behaviors when they feel comfortable, for example at home in an environment that is less stressful compared to locations which are less familiar.


What is the Treatment for GAD?


Treatment for people with GAD differs from individual to individual; consequently, the things that work for someone might not have the same results for another person. Treatment is usually best achieved with a mix of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments. Treatment in many instances should begin with the primary care doctor, as numerous seniors feel more at ease talking about these problems with a physician with whom they already have a rapport. Based upon this trust they are often more likely to associate with a therapy or perhaps a recommendation to a mental health professional.

treatment of gad

Treatment solutions are organized around a self-report note pad which is employed to gather historic and present anxiety habits.  Therapy can often be complicated through comorbid disorders.  Individuals resistant to treatment need to be evaluated for comorbid medical as well as psychological problems, for instance thyroid problems, hidden drug abuse, or perhaps bipolar disorder all of which may be impacting a reaction to therapy.


There are a number of therapies to select from. Therapy is really usually recommended together with prescription medication such as Lexapro. It is important to know about the possible side effects of the medication. Behavioral counseling puts the attention on activities and conducts as opposed to the root issues and it is a very popular element for treating anxiety disorders. Counseling, prescription drugs, along with other changes in lifestyle may help an individual defeat general anxiety disorder.

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